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Château Coufran


Château Coufran

The Château Coufran vineyard is located to the north of Saint-Seurin-de-Cadourne, a town neighbouring Saint-Estèphe in the Pauillac area. It stretches across a hillside, with its highest point at 21 metres in altitude. It is composed of a single 76-hectare block, with soils primarily made up of gravel and clay.

The vines are located in the Haut-Médoc appellation and the village of Saint-Seurin-de-Cadourne benefits greatly from the influence of the Gironde Estuary and the Atlantic Ocean.

The final blend of the first wine is usually composed of 85% Merlot and 15% Cabernet Sauvignon.

The average age of the vines is around 50 years.

Our vintages




Château Coufran 1995

Robe foncée.

Vin puissant. Vinosité de merlot sans défaut. Jolie matière, veloutée et soyeuse.

Déjà goûteux et certainement très prometteur.

Château Coufran 1996

Le cépage merlot bien mûr y est omniprésent.

Vin puissant et charnu d’une belle aptitude au vieillissement. Rappelle l’exceptionnel 86 de ce Cru.

Château Coufran 1997

Château Coufran 1998

A ruby red colour. A nose of cherry.

Excellent texture and concentration.


Château Coufran 1999

A ruby red colour. A nose of cherry.

Excellent texture and concentration.

A flavoursome wine.

The first vintage to have benefited from a large part of the improvements scheduled for the new
style of this wine.

Château Coufran 2000

A wine of distinctive character.

An intense nose with aromas of soft red and black fruit.

Relatively rich, lively and spicy on the palate.

Château Coufran 2001

A deep colour.

Full-bodied and flavoursome. A good, overall texture with a pleasing backbone which should enable this somewhat austere wine to come round most enjoyably with a few years of ageing.

Château Coufran 2002

A clear purple colour.

On the nose, the hint of vanilla combines with fresh, very flattering notes of soft red fruit.

The dense tannins are very present, both fine and refined.

The very well-balanced, powerful texture promises a great future for a bottle of distinctive character.

Château Coufran 2003

A dark, intense colour.

An expressive, fruity nose marked by delicate hints of prune. The discreet, mellow woodiness
leaves ample room for the expression of the wine.

The powerful, opulent taste on the palate reflects the grapes picked at their optimal ripeness.

The initial taste is fleshy and full-bodied, backed by a texture of remarkably ripe tannins which have kept all their strength and complexity.

Château Coufran 2004

A typical Merlot nose of black fruit.

A remarkably concentrated, well-textured wine with a long finish.

A wine of distinctive character with great cellaring potential.

Château Coufran 2005

Surprising aromas of fruit and spices.

Lots of body and brilliance thanks to the Merlot from the old vines picked at their optimal ripeness.

Full-bodied and flavoursome.

The very best Coufran vintage produced so far which surpasses the fabulous 1995.

This vintage confirms the qualitative change of this atypical wine with 85% of Merlot grapes and plenty of surprises in store.

Château Coufran 2006

Complex, succulent nose with wood aromas which are, fortunately, not overpowering.

With two or three more years in the bottle, the solid character of this excellent Merlot will evolve
into something more rounded, and its finish will become even smoother.

Château Coufran 2007

Dense, deep ruby colour.

The nose carries hints of vanilla, rubbing shoulders with very inviting red fruit notes.

The flavour is pleasant and enjoyable, but still a little closed.

Opens up when decanted an hour before serving.

The attack is supple but elegant, and the finish reveals an attractive complexity with persistent fresh fruit aromas.

Château Coufran 2008

Beautiful, dark robe.

The nose is already very expressive, with intense, lively dark fruit aromas.

The flavour is framed by ripe tannins, with an attack which is full-bodied, silky and well-rounded. Complex, rich substance.

Remarkably well balanced.

Château Coufran 2009

This deep crimson 2009 rolls out scents of blueberry and blackcurrant, accompanied by the
finest of woody hints.

Full and ample on the palate, it reveals concentrated, fleshy substance, backed up by tender tannins endowing it with great length.

This is a delicious wine reflecting its outstanding vintage by its remarkable complexity and rare tannic finesse.

Château Coufran 2010

This darkly-coloured wine boasts a very fine aromatic palette, with burnt notes mingling with
black fruit and cedar scents.

On the palate, Coufran 2010 is very dense with a firm, powerful tannic structure giving it lots of flavour and length.

This is a wine in a great vintage with great ageing potential.

Château Coufran 2011

This brilliant ruby-red wine rolls out scents of blackcurrant, red fruit and roasted coffee beans.

The sensation on the palate is clean, characterised by perfect balance and a harmonious

The structure is supple with tender tannins, suggesting that this Coufran 2011 should be ready to drink soon, although it can also be laid down for a few years to enhance the pleasure.

Château Coufran 2012

This wine boasts a lovely intense crimson colour and a bouquet of great complexity.

Black fruit scents mingle with spices and hints of toast on the nose. The dense, powerful attack leads through to a supple, fleshy sensation mid-palate, while the wine’s refined structure endows it
with a long-lasting finish characterised by silky tannins and mellow hints of oak.

Coufran 2012 is still young and boasts good ageing potential, although it is supple enough to
be enjoyed right away.

Château Coufran 2013

This ruby-coloured wine reveals a bouquet of spices with hints of toast.

The clean, straightforward attack leads through into good balance in mid-palate, with a fresh edge and a nice supple mouthfeel. Firm tannins make for a long-lasting, precise finish.

A great success in an awkward vintage.

Château Coufran 2014

A beautiful purple colour, this wine reveals a complex bouquet of jammy red fruit and slightly
smoky oaked notes.

On the palate, it offers lots of volume in the attack paired with a wonderful freshness, followed by a rich and tightly-knit tannic structure that leaves a lingering impression of power.

This wine has huge aging potential.

Château Coufran 2015

This deeply coloured wine gives off aromas of blackberry and redcurrant and mellow notes of toasted oak.

The palate is ample and dense, with a majority of Merlot in what is an atypical blend for the

Throughout the tasting, the flavours and aromas of the ripe Merlot grapes provide opulence
and richness. This is a full-bodied, generous, flavoursome wine.

Château Coufran 2016

Coufran 2016 has a lovely dark colour, with a bouquet of ripe berries and roasted notes.

A full-bodied mouthfeel with a light, supple structure and a strong base.

This is a fragrant, generous wine, with intensity and a long finish. A lovely, promising Coufran vintage